Since we ship the CNC3018 as spare parts, many people don’t know how to assemble them together and make it work. So here is a step by step tutorial on How to Assemble CNC3018, also can be used on CNC 2418, 1610. etc.

Here is a Step by Step Video Tutorial:

You can also download a PDF file here:  CNC3018 Assembly Instructions AKA Tutorials

Let’s take a look at the package of CNC3018 first.

cnc-assembly-instruction - package

And here is all the components:

cnc-assembly-instruction - components

Let’s make it simple, we will separate the whole kit to 4 parts:

  1. Base Frame
  2. Working Desk
  3. Vertical Frame
  4. Electric Parts

cnc-assembly-instruction - parts

Now let’s assemble it:

Step 1:  Prepare the M5 * 10(mm) screws and T-nuts.  we will use these to attach and fix the aluminum profile.

cnc-assembly-instruction - m5tnut

Step 2:  Assemble the Base Frame.

Pick up 2 pcs of  330mm and 3 pcs of 360mm aluminum profiles and attach them together with 6 pcs of M5 screws and T-nuts.

cnc-assembly-instruction - base frame

Step 3:  Assemble the Vertical Frame

Pick up 2 pcs of 360mm and 2 pcs of 220mm aluminum profiles and attache them with 4 pcs of M5 screws and T-nuts.

cnc-assembly-instruction - vertical frame

Step 4:  Prepare another batch of M5 screws and T-nuts.  And attach them onto the base frame.

cnc-assembly-instruction - m5tnut-2

Step 5:  Assemble the Working Desk

cnc-assembly-instruction - working desk

Step 6:  Attach the Working Desk with Base frame with the steel rods , to make the Working Desk can slide on the Base Frame.

cnc-assembly-instruction - worktables

Step 7:  Assemble the Stepping Motor and Y-axis.

You should check the Video or Assembly Manual with this step so you can have a very details on how to assemble these parts together. There are many small parts need to be assembled in this step.

cnc-assembly-instruction - yaxis

Now you should how to install the Stepping Motor and ballscrews and rails… You can assemble the X-axis and Z-axis (with Spindle) and attach them onto the Vertical frame with the same way.

cnc-assembly-instruction - xzaxis

Step 8: Attach the Base Frame with the Vertical Frame

cnc-assembly-instruction - xyz

Step 9:  Attach the Control Board to the back of the kit.

cnc-assembly-instruction - board

cnc-assembly-instruction - board wire

Now you get all parts assembled, and the CNC3018 is ready to go!  Let’s Create Some G-code File and start engraving.

Want to buy a Mini CNC 3018 Router Kit?  Just check the link:

cnc3018 is ready

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